Got a Telford Loyalty Card? Get an extra benefit!

If you have a Telford Loyalty Card (TLC) there is an extra benefit as the special TLC offer includes a discounted price of £25 per year for Will storage – saving £10 on the standard price of £35.

Also For a limited time only!

£99 – Health & Welfare LPA’s (LPA-HW)

£99 – Property and Financial Affairs LPA’s (LPA-PFA)

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CLAIM FOR YOUR £99 WILL TODAY, We would be pleased to call you back to set up an appointment for you! A member of DanJo & Co will then contact you to discuss next steps.

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£99 Will Writing

Professional Will written to ensure your loved ones will be looked after and your wishes known.

Lasting Power of Attorney

This legal document that lets you appoint one or more people (known as ‘attorneys’) to help you make decisions.

Funeral Plans

Free impartial service, ensuring you get the Funeral Plan that meets your needs and budget from many of our providers.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

For us this is a fantastic way to meet new clients within our local community to promote not only are professional service but to re-assure people that making a Will really is a quite straight forward thing to do that does not need to cost the earth.
No additional services are obligatory, although products such as Trusts are extra, many clients have their free Will drafted and nothing more, we simply hope that in the future if you or your family require any Estate planning / Financial planning services you would consider using or recommending DanJo & Co.

No Will in Place? Do I really need to bother!

Writing your Will provides you with the opportunity to state what you want to happen and who is entitled to inherit legacies and receive gifts, and how you will look after people who are financially dependent on you (e.g. your children). You are able to leave your valued possessions to anyone you choose, including making charitable donations. When there is no Will in place, this is called being ‘intestate’. There are laws which lay out who is entitled to your estate and this may or may not be in line with your wishes.

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We provide a face-to-face, professional, Will Writing Service. If you live in the Shropshire region our service is available entirely free of charge.

Call us on 01952 919210

DanJo & Co is a leading independent legal and financial services practice based in the traditional village of Priorslee Telford.

F.A.Q - About Our £99 Will Writing Service

Do I have to take any other services?

Our normal fee is waived on condition clients “opt-in” to our Will safe and secure option which includes Certainty (National Will Register) currently priced at £35 per year.  This offer includes visiting you at home or a venue of your choice, taking your instructions, drafting your Will and a return visit which includes our Will signing service.

How do I register for the service?

Just fill in the form at the top of the page or contact us on 01952 919210.

What information do I need?

Your Will effectively defines four different groups of people, Executors, Trustees, Beneficiaries and Guardians. You are able to appoint different people to each role or the same individuals in all roles; a Guardian may be an Executor and Trustee for example. You are also able to appoint alternatives in the event that when you die your first choice decides.

Is it legally binding?

Of course, provided the Will is attested (signed) properly it is fully binding.

How long does it take?

From the initial consultation and instruction takes around an hour following by a second meeting where you sign the Will, the entire process take about 4 weeks.

What area do you cover?

We cover the whole country for the paid Will service but our free service is only
available in the Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire regions.

Who needs to make a Will?

The answer is Everyone. In particular, anyone with dependent relatives, (children under the age of 18, elderly relatives or relatives with a disability who have special needs), anyone who owns property or has any type of asset which you would wish relatives, friends or charities to benefit from.

Your Will tells everyone what should happen to your money, possessions and property after you die (all these things together are called your ‘estate’). If you don’t leave a Will, the law decides how your estate is passed on – and this may not be in line with your wishes. It’s easy to make a will – and it will save your family unnecessary distress at an already tough time

What other services do you offer?

We deal with many other financial and legal services, from Powers of Attorney,
probate and pre-paid funeral plans. It is because over the years many clients return for these other services that we are able to provide the Will without charge.

What are you waiting for claim your £99 Will today! ``I'm not afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens.`` - Woody Allen

Latest Feedback

M Williams, Telford

 My Husband and myself have just made our wills with DanJo & Co. Daniel made the whole experience very relaxed and reassuring. We would strongly recommend this company 

Jenna Melville, Telford

 We can’t recommend DanJo & Co enough. The entire process was clearly explained and didn’t cost the earth. Nothing was too much trouble for them… a highly professional, friendly and personable service. 

Pat Golden, Telford

 Will completed at last thanks to Daniel, explained everything clearly and simply, was so patient and nothing too much trouble, I would highly recommend Dan for financial services as he is so professional but very easy to talk to, doesn’t pressure you at all. 

Jim & Margaret Prescott, Telford

 We first came across Daniel via Telford Loyalty Scheme providing free wills.Although we had wills in place they needed reviewing with the arrival of grandchildren and moving. He gave excellent advice and nothing was too much trouble.He has also done wills for some of our children and became our point of advice for numerous things and subsequently organise Funeral Plans and Powers of Attorney’s as well as other things for us and other family members.
We would not hesitate in recommending him for all these areas and nay financial advice needed. 

Pat & Julia Shaw, Telford

 We approached DanJo & Co after reading their leaflet regarding their free will/review service. We already had wills in place but wanted them reviewed due to them being drafted in 2000. Daniel reviewed these for us and suggested keeping our current wills in place due to the estate planning advice given to us at that time was sound so therefore required no new Will writing which we thought was refreshing. I also asked Daniel to review our enduring power of attorneys but unfortunately these had not been signed correctly or registered with the relevant government department back in 2002 so would be useless if we needed to use them. I instructed Daniel to write new power of attorneys for us which was priced very reasonably, he also made home visits to see my chosen attorneys to get relevant forms signed. This was going above and beyond what we would have expected to be honest but a testament to Daniel’s professionalism and customer service. We have already booked further appointments in the future to discuss my investment options so would be delighted to recommend DanJo & Co especially Daniel to anyone seeking advice. 

Tom, Telford

 I found DanJo & Co through a local authority website offering a free Will writing service they had available. I found their service to be excellent, Daniel was great explaining everything in plain English not jargon, I now have my Will in place something I personally have been putting off for years. I have already recommended Daniel to my daughter who is requiring mortgage advice. 

Elizabeth Law, Telford

 Daniel has been fantastic, sorting out our wills for us with professionalism and efficiency throughout the process. I would recommend using Daniel for wills and any other financial services. 

Mandy, Telford

 I discovered Daniel through local authority website offering a free will writing service. As others i was cautious and waiting for the catch which there wasn’t. Daniel was very professional and visited me on a few occasions to talk me through the process. There were optional extras that would have caused a small but reasonable fee to be incurred but a basic will with no frills or extras was totally free. Daniel was very up front about what would cause a fee and didnt try to catch me out by adding in things without me realising. I have already recommended him to friends who don’t have any will’s yet and to my dad for other financial paperwork which was fee incurring but a very reasonable rate having looked into elsewhere. Truly recommend Daniel. I have found him to be honest and upfront, conscientious and very patient. 

Ian and Sandra Roden, Telford

 We contacted them through the Telford Loyalty club which was offering a free will writing service. we had already written will, the last versions in 2002, so they didn’t need a lot of work as we knew fundamentally what we needed. But you cant expect to get everything for free, so we were looking for the catch.
Daniel visited our home and was very patient explaining the will we had was a copy and as the original was filed with a solicitor who was no longer trading it might be a problem if we were unable to source the original will. In the original meeting we also discussed funeral plans (that was the catch) and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Daniel explained a lot we didn’t know about funeral plans, but we decided as we had an idea of which specific funeral director (one which my brother worked at) we were going to investigate that process independently.
The will writing service was offered to both of us free on the basis of the wills being a mirror image of each other. Unfortunately that was not the case as there were small differences. This came at a very reasonable quoted cost we thought of £90.
We agreed to continue with the wills on that basis and Daniel took the details, returning a week later with the outline of the wills in plain English for checking before instructing the legal department to draw up the final copy for signature. Another visit followed from Daniel with the final drafted wills , signing instructions , copy wills, the wills explained in plain English and verbal explanations from Daniel.
During the whole process Daniel kept us fully informed and also checked and confirmed the advice we had been given relating to discretionary powers requiring an update to the Powers of Attorney. In all we must have had at least 5 hours of personal contact apart from the office time put in by Daniel, so very good value.
Although we didn’t make use of any of the other services, apart from the will writing, that Daniel was offering , he was totally professional in all aspects of the work and must be highly commended.  

Ann, Telford

 I’ve been thinking I should put a Will in place for some years now, spurred on by the rapid growth of my toddler, the time was right. The process was made so much easier in finding Daniel; who has been amazing! He explained everything, made sensible suggestions & recommendations and without blinding me with legal jargon.
My mind is at rest knowing that Daniel is only a call away to assist me with other financial arrangements I would now like to make. 

Mark Buxton, Telford

 For many years I have put off having my will written. Dan made it easy for me so I decided just to get it arranged which is a weight lifted. Also I have changed my investments via Dan which in the current climate are the best option for me to get my savings working again.